2013 Central China Science and Technology Exhibition takes shape

2013 Central China Science and Technology Exhibition takes shape From November 21st to 23rd, 2013, the sixth "Central China Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment" was co-organized by Hubei Province University Laboratory Research Conference, Hubei Provincial College of Educational Technology Research Conference, and Wuhan Fengcang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. The exhibition and Hubei Higher Education Instrument and Equipment Exhibition will be held at the Wuhan International Expo Center. In the meantime, a series of supporting conferences will be held, such as the 30th Anniversary of the Hubei Province Universities' Laboratory Work Research Association and the Hubei Universities' Material Purchasing Fair.

As the exhibition was held in conjunction with the “Laboratory Equipment to University” event, the preparations for the exhibition were successful and had already reached a certain scale, including METTLER TOLEDO, Japan ASONE Corporation, Tokyo RICOH, Global Analysis, US fame, Thermo Fisher , AMETEK, Europe and the United States, Germany, Le Chi, Skyray Instruments, Tianjin Nick, Chuandong Chemical, Qingdao Ellen, Beijing Junyi East, Colton Water and many other Chinese and foreign enterprises to participate in the show; and the beginning of the "Wuhan phalanx ” Almost all well-known suppliers in Wuhan are included: Hubei Dingtai, Jiehe Hengxing, Wuhan Kebei, Xinhexin Technology, Jingyuan Technology, Xin Xing Keji, Zhizhonghe Business, Ideal Science Instrument, Boulder Science and Technology, Meiyu Instruments, Collecting Instruments, Yifan Technology, Hengfeng Experiment, Fangyuan Environmental Protection, Handan Technology, Hongyuan Science and Technology, Lanheng Times, Hongjin Science and Technology, Optimization Glass, etc. Taiwan's Kaohsiung City Instrument Commerce and Trade Association organized the first group to enter the Huazhong Instrument Market. The companies including Haorui Enterprise, Diligent Technology, Qunlong Xingye, Loco Instruments, UFO, and Zerncom Biotechnology will carry a large number of analytical instrument products. , come to open up the market.

According to reports, the "Central China Science and Technology Exhibition" has been successfully held for five times, and more than 5,000 corporate brands have participated in the exhibition. Tens of thousands of spectators have come to the scene to observe exchanges and exchanges. Each session has high-quality academic exchanges and new product launches. Huazhong famous science and education brand exhibition.

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