2020 OLED market continues to expand in size

New lighting technology is on the rise, and Panasonic R&D Director Takuya Komoda said that in 2020, LED and OLED lighting will completely replace traditional lighting. Among them, OLED lighting has a utilization rate of 70, and the market scale is 10 billion US dollars. The price per thousand lumens will be greatly reduced. The first-line manufacturers will put into mass production in the last 2 to 3 years.
According to Takuya Komoda, OLED lighting has a material utilization rate of 70%, and the investment threshold is lower than that of the panel. The technical content is extremely high. Panasonic is actively investing, and it is estimated that the OLED market will reach 10 billion US dollars by 2020. He believes that LED lighting is mainly to replace the existing market, but limited by the luminous efficiency, can not stimulate new demand, but OLED lighting can stimulate new demand, he expected that by 2020, LED, OLED lighting will comprehensively replace the traditional illumination.
Takuya Komoda also said that at the current price point of view, the cost of OLED per thousand lumens is 20 times that of LED. He believes that with more manufacturers, it will be reduced to 2 times, and LED lighting must be converted to point light source. Surface light source, LED process needs to add light guide plate, package, wafer processing, etc., resulting in higher final cost, so the final OLED cost will be lower than LED, in addition to Panasonic, Philips and other large companies are also expected to invest within 2 to 3 years Mass production.

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