Adjusting strategy for multinational giants of commercial vehicles to accelerate the Chinese market

Following the establishment of Iveco (China) Commercial Vehicle Sales Co., Ltd. at the end of September last year, major multinational commercial vehicle giants have also accelerated their adjustments in China’s strategy in order to achieve better development opportunities in the “nodes” of China’s heavy truck emission upgrades.

On April 20, Daimler Group announced the establishment of Daimlerka Bus (China) Co., Ltd. at the Shanghai Auto Show. The new company was formally put into operation on April 1, 2013. This means that in the future, with the establishment of Cardbus, Daimler will further accelerate its strategic layout in the commercial vehicle market in China.

Daimlerka Bus Company, formerly Daimler Trucks China, Daimler Northeast Asia Investment Co., Ltd., is responsible for the operation of Mercedes-Benz trucks in China. After the establishment of the new company, it will continue to increase the business of Daimler’s truck brands such as Mercedes-Benz in China and expand the scope to the passenger vehicle business.

“Daimler Bus will expand the foundation for the future business of Mercedes-Benz trucks and further enrich the product range of commercial vehicles in China. The Chinese market is full of opportunities and challenges, and the new company will carry out strategic planning in a more effective and targeted manner. Improve efficiency.” Daimlerka Bus President and CEO Robert stressed that China is the world’s third largest import market for Mercedes-Benz trucks. In 2012, the company delivered more than 6,100 vehicles in China, and its sales volume was in line with the major European markets. In the future, with the establishment of the new company, Daimler will formally introduce the bus business to China to further expand its market share of commercial vehicles in China.

Similarly, while Daimlerka Bus Co. accelerated its development in China, Scania, the world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturer enjoying the title of “Road King,” also stated that with the acceleration of China’s emission upgrades, the future High-end heavy trucks and related products will usher in better opportunities for development in the Chinese market.

On April 20th, Scania took a number of important exhibits including the Touring passenger car that meets Euro IV emissions, the 13-liter Euro V truck engine, and the G400 heavy truck and the distinctive paint truck “Jade Wing”. Reappeared in Shanghai again.

“Scania has full confidence in China’s economic development and the Chinese market.” Mats Harborn, executive director of the Scania China Strategy Center, said that the pursuit of growth quality and efficiency in the Chinese market determines the demand for efficient transportation solutions. There will be great growth, and Scania trucks and bus products will increasingly be favored by the Chinese market and customers.

It is worth noting that while major commercial vehicle giants have taken the lead in the Chinese market, the domestic heavy truck joint ventures represented by Iveco Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hongyan”) have started to enter the “ Counterattacks the "new era of post-joint ventures" in overseas markets.

Xiong Weiming, general manager of Hongyan, told reporters that the company’s first new product jointly developed by both Chinese and foreign experts, Jieshi, has continued to improve over Hongyan’s more than six years, and is currently able to satisfy not only the needs of the domestic market but also overseas markets. Broad recognition. In 2012, Jieshi models have exported more than 1,600 vehicles in Algeria and other African regions. In the future planning, the total export volume of Hongyan Jieshi will be able to reach around 15,000 vehicles per year, and the export area will be extended to some countries and regions in Europe, so as to truly realize the leap in R&D and global sales from China to China.

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