Ambulance driver

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Basic information Game name: Ambulance driver [1]
Game Type: Sports
Game size: 2413K

Game description The hospital emergency center suddenly received news that the patient was in danger not far away. As an ambulance driver, he must arrive at the destination smoothly and return the patient to the hospital safely. Let's experience it together!

Operation Guide How to start the game After loading, click on PLAY - then click on the button to the left of Click to start to start the game. Operation method The keyboard direction keys ↑↓ 控制 控制 控制 控制 控制 控制 控制 前进 前进 前进 前进 方向 方向 方向 方向 键 键 ​​键 键 键 键 键 键 键 键 键 键 键 键 键 键 keys to control the car's center of gravity, space brake. R key replay, P key pause.
Tip: When the patient is returned to the hospital, the car must be steady, and do not hurt the patient. The goal of the game is to drive the car to the destination smoothly and return the patient safely to the hospital to enter the next level!

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