Analysis of high-low temperature impact test chamber cascade refrigeration system

High-Low-Temperature Impact Chamber Cascade Refrigeration System Analysis In the past, we talked about the working principle and structure of the high-low temperature impact test chamber. Today, we do an in-depth analysis of the high-low temperature impact test chamber refrigeration system to let everyone know about the equipment refrigeration system. How does it work?

In the high-low temperature impact test box, in order to obtain a low-temperature environment, the natural cascade refrigeration system cycle has been widely used in recent years because of its simple structure, high efficiency, and strong adaptability. It uses a compressor to realize the circulation of mixed refrigerants. The natural cascade refrigeration system with rectification equipment is based on the traditional refrigeration system, adding a rectification device, an intermediate heat exchanger, and a condensing evaporator, effectively different The boiling point component refrigerant segregates, improves the operating efficiency of the refrigeration system, and can achieve temperature regulation within a wide range of -25 °C ~ -70 °C, the following figure is the principle of the refrigeration system

After the mixed medium is discharged from the compressor A, the condenser B is fully condensed and enters the column reactor heating column kettle liquid of the rectifying column C, and then is throttled into the tower. After the rectification and separation, the low-temperature refrigerant R23 is heat exchanged. After entering the column overhead evaporator, the R22-containing refrigerant is cooled to form a liquid and flows out from the bottom of the column. After throttling, it is mixed with the R23 gas return, evaporated at a temperature of -20°C in the condensing evaporator, and vaporized to convert the column top R23 refrigerant. Condensed into a liquid, the mixed refrigerant is returned to the compressor via the regenerator E under the suction of the compressor. The condensed R23 liquid throtts to vaporize, and the evaporator D obtains a low temperature. This cycle uses a rectification column instead of a multi-stage partial condenser, which effectively separates the high-boiling and low-boiling refrigerants in the rectification column, and realizes a cascade in the cycle.

The natural cascade refrigeration system has only one compressor. The other equipment is a non-moving part. The structure is simple. It reduces the operational failure rate and simplifies the system control. Compared with binary cascade refrigeration, the system compactly reduces the unit size and saves more With more installation space, it can be used to produce a lower temperature and a wider temperature range.

This phase of high-temperature impact chamber natural cascading refrigeration system to analyze this, the next period we will do a specific analysis of the components of the equipment refrigeration system.

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