Analysis of Photosynthetic Responses of Maize and Soybean by Photosynthetic Radiation Apparatus

Corn and soybean are the major food crops and oil crops in China, and their yield and quality have great influence on people's living standards. Photosynthetically active radiation is an important factor affecting the quality of soybeans and corn. Researchers used photosynthetically active radiometers to study and analyze the optical radiation of corn and soybean respectively.
In the process of plant growth and development, photo-radiation factors play an important role. The photosynthetically active radiation instrument was used to measure the photosynthetically active radiation components of soybean and corn canopy and their reflectance and transmittance were calculated. The daily variations of each component and its influencing factors were analyzed. The following results can be obtained: The photosynthetically active radiation component (FPAR) is close to constant throughout the day, especially at 8:00-11:00 and 14:00-16:00; sunny days, soybean canopy incident photosynthetically active radiation The change curve was smoother than cloudy days, and the reflectance and transmittance curves were not cloudy and cloudy; due to the absorption and scattering of clouds, the maximum time of occurrence of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in cloudy days was about 1 hour later than that of sunny days; vegetation canopy space The heterogeneity has a greater influence on the photosynthetically active radiation components, and there are large differences between the components of different crop types. The spatial heterogeneity of soybean canopy is smaller than that of maize, and the curve of each component of photosynthetically active radiation is relatively smooth; When the vertical projection line of the sensor and the incident direction of the sun is 30 degrees, the mean deviation degree of the incident photosynthetically active radiation from the canopy is the smallest, which is 0.657%.
From the above conclusions, it can be known that the photosynthetically active radiation of corn and soybean is different, so it should be treated differently when adjusting the photosynthetic efficiency of both. Guarantee the high yield and quality of both crops.

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