Anhui Lu'an has installed water meter remote transmission system to enter into intelligent

[Chinese instrument network instrument industry] Water pipe bursts, leaking faucets ... In the future, these reasons lead to high water bills, corporate units can be found through the "real-time monitoring and management system" and timely disposal. On June 29th, from Lu'an City Water Supply Company in Anhui Province, it was learned that more than 100 units (companies) in Lu'an District have installed a water meter remote transmission system. This system can not only realize automatic water bill collection and settlement, but also users. Monitoring the water situation and finding abnormal fluctuations in the water meter reading can help the unit (enterprise) find the cause of the anomaly as soon as possible.

Real-time transmission of water meter raw readings through GPRS, such as Zhang Juchang, deputy general manager of the city water company, said that as of the end of June, the water meter remote transmission system has been installed in the pipe network of more than one hundred urban enterprises in the city. The water meter remote transmission system replaces the original mechanical water meter with an electromagnetic meter, and connects the remote transmission terminal outside the meter. When the user's water meter moves, the counter will capture the reading of the water meter in real time and enter the transmitter outside the meter through the data cable. Through GPRS and other methods, the readings are transmitted to the control center in real time. After 3 months of application, the remote system and the water meter's raw readings are in good agreement, and the error is small.

The statistical water law helps to discover abnormalities in water quality. The water meter remote transmission system implemented in Lu'an District not only facilitates meter reading, but also monitors the user's water use in April. The system can remind users and help if the meter readings fluctuate abnormally. The user finds the cause of the abnormality and carries out the treatment, which ultimately achieves the purpose of water saving. In mid-April, monitoring staff of the control center found that the monthly water consumption of the post office was abnormally increased. After analyzing the data, it was considered that the pipe network may be missing. On-site search, as it was, did find four missing spots after the watch, which was dealt with promptly and saved a large amount of economic losses for the unit.

On the 29th, in the terminal of the real-time monitoring and management system, since the user's water meter is counting in real time, the daily data of each meter will be recorded in the system for storage. Through the collection of data, the system can count the total amount of water used by the user in a certain period of time and the law of water use, and can also compare unit water consumption with the same period of the previous day or the previous month. If it is found that the user's water meter reading is abnormal, it can promptly remind the user and assist the user to find the cause for processing.

No need to pay extra money to install remote system According to the introduction of related staff of the city's urban water-saving office, installation of long-distance intelligent monitoring water meters for large-scale water users in the city is one of the important steps in the city's high station and high starting point to promote water-saving management. At present, 102 blocks have been installed. The water information can be transmitted back in real time every 15 minutes, real-time alarms can be made in case of water anomalies, avoiding the disadvantages of manual meter reading and improving the automation level of water saving management. According to the plan, this year the city will complete the installation of remote water meters for 317 planned water users and special industry water users.

So, how much does it cost to install the water meter remote transmission system? As of the end of June, the water meter remote monitoring system installed by more than 100 units (companies) will not need to pay extra.

It is understood that in addition to real-time monitoring of the leakage of the pipeline network, this system can improve the efficiency of water use and reduce the workload of front-line meter-setters if the water-supply company is dealt with in a timely manner. Adding more parties actually saves money and saves money compared to traditional water meters.

(Original title: Install water meter remote transmission system Liu'an water-saving management to "intelligence")

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