Application of Acrel-2000 Power Monitoring System in Dajing Waterworks Project, Liangping County, Chongqing

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Abstract: This article mainly introduces the use of Acrel-2000 power monitoring system in Chongqing Daping Water Plant to monitor the plant's high and low voltage power distribution system. The instrument will upload the data to the back-end and conduct intelligent networking through the bus-type networking method. The system realizes the intelligent, digital, and networked power distribution monitoring of distributed acquisition and centralized control management.

Keywords: power monitoring; Acrel-2000; Dajing Waterworks

0 Project Overview

The power monitoring system of Dajing Water Plant in Liangping County, Chongqing is designed for high- and low-voltage power distribution systems in the plant to realize the intelligent distribution of power in the plant area. The monitoring scope of this project is: 10/0.4KV transformer room, 3 units of high-pressure 3AEF151 comprehensive protection, 29 low-voltage multi-function table DMX-300E low-voltage part, and 4 low-voltage multi-function table DMX-300E recoiling room. The monitoring range instrument is connected to the power monitoring system of the distribution duty room through the RS485 bus.

1 User needs

1) Data acquisition and processing: Real-time collection of various power parameters and meter readings at the site through the bay unit;

2) Screen display: position status, displacement information, protection device action and reset information of all devices, real-time data of each measured value, various alarm information, status information of the computer monitoring system;

3) Record function: It has the function of memorizing various historical data for inquiry, review and printing at any time.

4) Alarm processing: Users can classify and filter alarms according to their own wishes, and the alarms can be summarized in different alarm windows. According to different alarm levels, they can be alarmed by push-out screen, light display, stripe flash, and sounds of different sound levels. ;

5) It should have perfect user management functions to avoid unauthorized operations;

6) History curve display: Historical waveform graphs that can display the power stored in the historical database at any time;

7) Report printing function: It can summon print, time print various historical data, operation parameters, accident report statistics, electrical metrics statistical report, main wiring diagram, load curve.

2 Design Principles Reference Standards

2.1 Design Principles

1) Openness: This system will involve different vendors' equipment technologies and system expansion requirements. In this project's product technology selection, proprietary technologies are avoided, so that the system's hardware and software platforms are fully open. Sex.

2) Advancedness: The system software and hardware platform construction, application system design and development, and system maintenance and management adopted product technologies that all take into account current technological trends, adopt relatively advanced and relatively mature market technologies to meet the future of the system. The development needs.

3) High performance: The system design should be comprehensively analyzed from the aspects of server processing capability, network bandwidth transmission capability, software system efficiency, etc. The design of the system should be rationally designed so that the system can have sufficient processing capacity to meet the needs of a large amount of data processing and user access. System service quality.

4) Security: The system attaches great importance to security issues. From the operating system layer, network layer, and application layer, each layer has corresponding measures to address the requirements of transmission security, system security, and information security.

5) Reliability: The system should be comprehensively considered from the aspects of system structure, network structure, technical measures, equipment selection, etc. to ensure that there is no single fault node in the system and 7X24 uninterrupted service is achieved.

6) Extensibility: In this system, the design of all networks, servers, storage, and application software follows an extensible principle to achieve expansion with the development of demand. The system adopts a modular structure, has good compatibility and scalability, and enables different vendors' devices and systems to be integrated into the same platform. In addition, the system can be easily expanded according to user needs in the future.

2.2 Reference Standard

1) ISO/IEC 11801 "International Comprehensive Cabling Standard"

2) GB/50198 "monitoring system engineering technical specifications"

3) GB50052-2009 "Power Supply and Distribution System Design Specifications"

4) GB50054-2011 "Low Voltage Distribution Design Specifications"

5) DL/T 698.1-2009 "Part 1: General"

6) DL/T 698.2-2010 "Part 2: Master station technical specifications"

7) DL/T 698.31-2010 "Section 3.1: Technical Specifications of Energy Information Collection Terminals - General Requirements"

8) DL/T 698.35-2010 "Part 3-5: Technical specifications of energy information collection terminals - Particular requirements for low-voltage centralized meter reading terminals"

9) DL/T 698.41-2010 "Section 4-1: Communication Protocol - Communication between Master and Power Information Collection Terminals"

10) DL/T 698.42-2010 "Part 4-2: Communication Protocol - Concentrator Downlink Communication Protocol"

11) DL/T 698.41-2010 "Part 4-1: Communication Protocol - Communication between Master and Power Information Collection Terminals"

12) DL/T 698.42-2010 "Part 4-2: Communication Protocol - Concentrator Downlink Communication Protocol"

3 Solution

Adopt hierarchical and distributed networking structure: field device layer, network communication layer, station control management layer.

3.1 Field device layer

Field equipment layer instrument mainly includes: 3AEF151 comprehensive protection, low voltage multi-function table DMX-300E.

3.2 Network Communication Layer

Communication medium: Use shielded twisted pair to access NPORT5430I serial server through RS485 field bus, serial port server uplink Ethernet access power monitoring system host.

3.3 Station Control Management

The station management layer is the manager of the distribution network, and this layer is directly facing the users. This layer is also the uppermost part of the system, which is mainly composed of power system software and necessary hardware devices such as computers, printers, and UPS. The software part has a good human-computer interaction interface. It reads the various data information collected by the front-end machine through the data transmission protocol, and is automatically calculated and processed to reflect the operating status of the site by means of graphics, digital display, and sound. Accept the operation command of the management personnel, send and detect the execution status of the operation in real time to ensure the normal operation of the power supply unit; the power metering management function is designed in accordance with the user's report format, and the data in the report is strictly measured according to various standards. Users only need to find and print, which greatly facilitates operation and improves work efficiency. The system topology is as follows:

4 system function

1) Distribution monitoring

Acrel-2000 power monitoring system has a friendly man-machine interface, can visually display the distribution of distribution lines in the form of a trunk diagram of the power distribution, at the same time the electrical parameters of each loop collected in real time, and the distribution circuit The closing and closing state of the switch, the state of the grounding switch and related faults and alarm signals are displayed in real time in the system interface.

2) Energy Report

Acrel Acrel-2000 power monitoring system reflects the integrity of the metering system with rich data reports. The system has the functions of periodical meter reading and statistics collection. Users can freely inquire about the power usage of each distribution node in any time period since the normal operation of the system, that is, the power consumption of the node's incoming line and the power consumption of each branch circuit. Report. This function makes electricity visible and transparent, and can be traced when the power error is too large, and maintain the correctness of the measurement system.

3) Load curve

Acrel's Acrel-2000 power monitoring system has designed a load trend curve for the total incoming circuit of the distribution system (or outgoing line of important load). It is convenient for distribution maintenance personnel to grasp the power demand and the power system load share in time, ensure the reliability of power supply, and provide protection for users' rights and interests. With this function, it is also possible to analyze the growth trend of energy demand, timely adjust demand reports, and reduce unnecessary payment due to excessive demand deviation.

4) Electrical Parameters Report

Acrel Acrel-2000 power monitoring system has the functions of storage and management of real-time power parameters and historical power parameters. All real-time collected data and sequential event records can be saved to the real-time database. In the monitoring screen, you can customize the parameters to be queried, the time period of the query, or the number of records that were recently updated by the query, and display them by means of reports. This function is convenient for users to conduct accident retrospective inquiries.

5) Real-time remote sensing alarm

Acrel Acrel-2000 power monitoring system has a telemetry alarm configuration function. The alarm types include voltage over-limit, current over-limit, frequency over-limit, power factor over-limit, and breaker opening and closing. When the system alarms, information voice prompts can be performed and an alarm screen will pop up automatically.

6) Telemetry history alarm query

Acrel Acrel-2000 power monitoring system can store remote signaling and telemetry alarm data, allowing users to retroactively query system alarm events.

7) User Rights Management

Acrel Acrel-2000 power monitoring system is designed to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system and set up user rights management functions. User rights management can prevent unauthorized operations (such as distribution circuit name modification, etc.). You can define login names, passwords, and operation rights for users at different levels to provide reliable security for system operation and maintenance.

5 Concluding remarks

With the increasing demand for intelligent management of variable-end power distribution at the customer end, the application of power monitoring systems has become a development trend. This article describes the application of the Acrel-2000 power monitoring system in the Dajing Waterworks Project in Liangping County, Chongqing. The system analyzes and processes the collected data, displays the operational status and alarm status of each monitoring device in real time, and generates various reports. Analyze curves, graphs, etc. to facilitate management of equipment management and operation and maintenance. The system is safe, reliable and stable, providing a scientific basis for the management and maintenance of power systems and equipment in the later period.


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