Automotive Aftermarket Ushered In New Development "Big Data" Application Into Role

At present, the automotive aftermarket has entered a mature stage of development. For this large and complex market, there are still many industry pain points that have not been resolved. "Big data", as the most fashionable word of the day, has started to infiltrate the industry. The enormous value it unleashes has attracted the attention of many auto market practitioners.


There have been analysis by relevant industry experts that in the next 10 years, the automobile industry will truly enter the era of big data, first of all, the comprehensive data intelligence of the automobile itself, and at the same time the level of car marketing, especially the behavioral dataization of car owners is the most Car prices valued. Others include all driving operations and their daily behavioral habits, even the use of seats will form the corresponding data, there is a vehicle-centric data, parts, vehicle conditions, maintenance, transportation, geographical location, etc. Information will form a huge amount of data to be used to generate value.

The second is the assetization of automobile data. Big data can create tremendous value. Big data will become an effective asset for car companies and car dealers. As such, these data will become the same as other assets and bring profits to car companies and car dealers. The assets are applied to create more value.

Based on the basics of big data, companies in the maintenance and maintenance sectors related to the entire automobile chain can focus more on their own industry. The relevant data needed can be connected with merchants that specialize in data, so that the whole The industry is light. The co-opetition era of the automotive aftermarket has also started, and the big data industry is in an important position in the entire industry.


In the era of mobile Internet, the ultimate goal of the upgrade and transformation of the automotive aftermarket industry lies in the various B2B businesses in the entire automotive parts and accessories industry chain. All aspects of automotive services cannot be disconnected from the Internet. What the Internet can change is the data portion of service items that can be operated online, such as reservation services, auto parts fitting, time cost settlement, and network insurance, and the rest of the maintenance and repairs. In addition to the on-line booking process, the actual operational part of the business is still operated through a door-to-door or fixed-point operation.

At present, many companies in the automotive service industry are changing from one to the other, and they are starting to be oversupplied from the bottom of the industry chain to the middle tier, and are serving as "service car service providers." This type of company, whether it is a platform or a vertical service, is transitioning to "big data" in information technology. Because these companies find that the competition in the automotive aftermarket service is not based on the number of maintenance personnel, it is more necessary to adapt the data on the original parts, brand parts, working hours, maintenance information, etc., who have the most data, most complete, and most detailed data. , Which is the most competitive, which means that it can give full brand service data matching for all models.


In 2017, Analysys joint-venture Tiger kept a car and published the “Analysis of Car Ownership Big Data in China's Auto Market”, and conducted in-depth analysis from the background of the development of the Internet car market, user portraits, and market big data. According to the analysis of the Analysys think tank, super-first-tier cities and first-tier cities are still the key areas for Internet-based car maintenance in terms of the popularity and acceptance of mobile Internet and the demand for vehicle maintenance. Among the first-tier cities, due to a large population base and a relatively high level of Internetization, the scale of their users has reached 51%.

Big data can bring the industry more to the company's management of customers and businesses. These data are specific to the automotive aftermarket, and they are comprehensive management of the automotive aftermarket services businesses in communicating users and commercial marketing. For example, the Tohmatsu car owners have in-depth cooperation with world-renowned brands such as Cooper, Shengpai, and Ma, and intend to enter into the supply chain of commodities to strengthen their role in the automotive aftermarket.

Therefore, big data in the automotive aftermarket, especially fittings distribution data, is crucial for companies in this field, especially those e-commerce platform companies. The use of big data to adapt the after-car service is the entire industry. The qualitative change of the service model.

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