Bearing heaters can also be used like this

Speaking of bearing heaters, everyone's first reaction is to heat the bearings, and expand them by heating to meet the need for interference assembly. Then, do you know how many heating methods for the bearing heaters are? How does it work? What do you need to pay attention to when using a bearing heater?

Then we first look at the bearing heater method in the end there are what it, induction heating method, electric heating plate method, electric furnace heating method, oil tank heating method, which is how it works, Xiaobian here to give you enumerate A widely used and well-known induction heating method: the use of induction heaters can quickly, reliably and cleanly heat the bearing to the required temperature, which is particularly suitable for the tight fitting of the inner ring, since only the inner ring is heated. While the outer ring receives little heat, it can be easily mounted on the shaft and it is easy to fit into the seat hole.

With the bearing heater, everyone started to use the bearing heater, so as to make it last longer, it did not hurt himself. Xiao Bian also summed up a few words here. The grounding wire should be good and the host should not place yoke iron. Do not press the start button switch before it will damage the instrument or burn the fuse. Bearing heater temperature should not exceed 150, otherwise it will cause bearing annealing, in order to improve the heating efficiency, according to the size of the bearing hole to select the appropriate yoke, should try to choose the larger cross-sectional yoke, must be when the host off After that, the heating element in the yoke can be used. The most important point is that when the temperature of the bearing is increased, the amount of rise in the hole can be referred to the following table. Remove the workpiece and pay attention to high temperature to prevent burns.

Wire And Bar Mill Rolls

Wire and Bar Mill Rolls is used for wire mill, steel bar mill, steel rod mill, deformed bar mill or rebar mill.

Available models: Roughing Mill Rolls, Finishing Mill Rolls, intermediate mill rolls.

Barrel diameter: 700mm maximum

Unit weight: 10mts/pc

Material: Alloy nodular cast iron (alloy spheroidal graphite Cast Iron Rolls , ductile iron), pearlitic nodular cast iron, ferritic, bainitic nodular Cast Iron, high speed steel, carbides.

Casting method: Static casting, centrifugal casting


Q: Who we are?

A: We are a professional Rolling Mill Rolls manufacturer, founded in 1993.

Q: Why choose us?

A: We were the Baixiang branch of SinoSteel XTMMC, which produce and supply the best quality mill rolls in China.

Q: How about our capacity:

A: More than 20,000mts per year.

Wire And Bar Mill Rolls

Wire And Bar Mill Rolls

Wire And Bar Mill Rolls

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