·Beiqi Investment Co., Ltd. will join hands with Yongtai Technology Auto Network to welcome the tide of mergers and acquisitions

Yongtai Technology released the "Announcement on Signing a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Beijing Automotive Group Industrial Investment Co., Ltd." on the evening of May 15. The announcement shows that BAIC will cooperate with Yongtai Technology to integrate industrial mergers and acquisitions in the field of vehicle networking to build a car network. Industrial ecosystem.
The reporter noted that in recent years, the car networking industry has become a hot spot in the capital market. Many target companies in the field of car networking have been acquired by listed companies. However, it is the first time that large-scale automobile industry funds have joined forces to jointly integrate M&A in the field of car networking. The car networking industry will usher in a merger and acquisition boom.
China is currently the world's largest automobile production and sales market. Automobiles have become an indispensable means of transportation for people's daily travel. By the end of 2014, China's automobile ownership has exceeded 130 million, but it has installed car networking equipment and can provide car networking services. The car is less than 10%. With the improvement of communication technology and the deepening of mobile Internet in China, automotive networking is no longer a "myth".
In February 2013, the State Council officially promulgated the “Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Orderly and Healthy Development of the Internet of Things” to support the application of Internet of Vehicles as the core application of the Internet of Things. In March 2015, Premier Li Keqiang was in the “two sessions” of the government. The Work Report first proposed the "Internet +" action plan, which marked that the Internet of Vehicles industry has been encouraged and supported at the national level. As an important embodiment of the "Internet +" in the automotive industry, the Internet of Vehicles will usher in a broad space for development.
Industry veterans pointed out to reporters that Beijing Automotive Group, one of China's five major automobile groups, is committed to transforming from manufacturing-oriented enterprises to manufacturing service-oriented and manufacturing-innovative enterprises. Therefore, BAIC has invested actively in the field of home networking in recent years. Make investment layout.
As the only platform for BAIC's foreign investment and capital operation, Beiqi Investment has initiated the establishment of the first professional car network industry investment fund in Shenzhen through the Shenzhen Anpeng Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. - Shenzhen Qianhai Car Network Industrial Investment Fund (Limited Partnership).
Industry investment experts revealed to reporters that BAIC's investment network investment team relies on the technical and industrial background of BAIC Group, and has successively applied in vehicle terminal manufacturing, TSP services, in-vehicle information content providers, UBI big data analysis, smart driving and Internet vehicles. The car networking segment has invested in it, and its car networking ecosystem has begun to take shape. The cooperation between BAIC and Yongtai Technology indicates that it has begun to change from strategic investment to industrial integration, and the future integration of the vehicle networking industry will be further strengthened.

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