Car use to prevent misunderstanding

Car use to prevent misunderstanding Nowadays, automobiles have become the most commonly used transportation tools for people. However, some vehicle owners often have some misunderstandings. If they are not corrected, they can easily damage the car.

1. Drive shifts are too impatient Some impatient owners drove when the clutch is not stepped on the end, they are busy with gears, so that not only the gears are difficult to be accurately linked, and long-term operation of this type is a fatal problem for manual gearbox transmissions. Damage. Although automatic transmission models do not have the problem of stepping on clutch shifts, many drivers rush to hang P gears when the vehicle is not completely stopped, and the gearbox is also difficult to withstand situations in which the vehicle condition does not match the operation.

2. The driver's seat is too far behind and often sees some owners adjust the driver's seat very well because they can straighten their feet. However, after the driver adjusted the seat too far, the legroom increased considerably, but it was difficult to stretch the leg during emergency braking and the body could not lean forward due to the restraint of the seat belt. It is easy to cause the brake not to cause an accident in time.

3. Cars parked for many vehicles for a long time may encounter such a situation. Because there is no parking space or car rental space, cars are often parked outside. Sometimes, because there is no parking space, many car owners will borrow flower beds. On the edge of the road, the car was parked diagonally for a whole day. As everyone knows, this type of parking will make the tire steam pressure unbalanced for a long time, and it is very easy to cause tire bulging.

4. Summer tire pressure is lowered. Summer temperatures are high. Some drivers are afraid that the tires will be thermally expanded, resulting in high tire pressure and punctures. Some even artificially reduce tire pressure. In fact, tire pressure is too high to be more dangerous than tire pressure. Tyre pressure is too low. The contact area between the tire and the ground increases. The temperature inside the tire will increase rapidly while driving. It is easy to puncture the tire if it is too fast and endangers driving safety. In addition, too low tire pressure can cause tire deformation, increased wear, and increased fuel consumption. Professional measurement of tire pressure, maintaining normal tire pressure is particularly important during summer driving.

5. Summer engine cooling water temperature is very low The engine cooling water temperature is as low as possible. The summer weather is hot. Some drivers think that the engine cooling water temperature is as low as possible and better. In fact, too low water temperature will damage the engine. Automobile engines are both afraid of heat and cold. If the cooling water temperature is too low, fuel combustion will deteriorate, fuel consumption will increase, wear and tear will increase, oil viscosity will increase, and engine power will decrease. Different models of engines may not have the same water temperature requirements, and the key must be controlled within a reasonable range.

6. Blindly remove the engine thermostat If you blindly remove the thermostat due to the high engine temperature, the coolant can only perform a large cycle, can not adjust the cooling intensity, it is difficult to ensure that the engine works at a more appropriate temperature, but the engine is often in Working at low temperatures results in a drop in engine power, accelerated wear, and increased fuel consumption. If the engine temperature is still high after troubleshooting or replacing the engine thermostat, other parts of the cooling system should be inspected and the thermostat cannot be removed.

7. Boil the oil in winter with a blowtorch. Because the car is difficult to hit in winter, owners often use a blowtorch to bake the oil. This can cause chemical changes in the additives in the oil. This is very dangerous.

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