Dalian Shipai 6S46MC-C first machine successfully submitted inspection

Dalian Shipai 6S46MC-C first machine successfully submitted inspection
Recently, the first
6S46MC-C host of Dalian Marine Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. was successfully submitted for inspection. The main bore 460 mm, 8280 kilowatts of rated power, rated speed of 129 rev / min, naturalization CCS classification societies, will be installed to Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group 47,500 tons bulk carrier built by Jiangsu Huayuan Logistics Co., Ltd.

The 6S46MC-C mainframe is the smallest cylinder head currently produced by Dalian Shipai. Due to its small size and easy to be arranged in the cabin, it can be widely used on bulk carriers of 45,000~49500 tons. The successful construction of the mainframe is also the first cooperation between Dalian Shipai and Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group.

  In order to further develop the market, Dalian Shipai broke the tradition of only 500mm with the smallest bore and actively developed the new 6S46MC-C model, striving to win the long-term cooperation opportunities with better service, more reliable performance and better quality. . The company has started a lot of meticulous work from the aspects of technical preparation, process measures, process control, and supporting organization. All the links in the construction process are closely coordinated, and the problems encountered will be solved one by one. During the commissioning phase, the relevant engineering and technical personnel continued to operate, and the commissioning of the host was completed in only two days, ensuring the smooth operation of the host. Both the shipyard and the shipowner’s representatives were very satisfied with the quality of the mainframe.

The successful construction of the 6S46MC-C machine has accumulated valuable experience for the subsequent production of the same type of mainframe. Its excellent host performance has further won the trust of the shipyard and the shipowner, laying a solid foundation for Dalian Shipai to expand the market share of the mainframe.

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