Do you buy antifreeze glass water that really freezes?

I spent 5 dollars on the roadside to buy a bottle of antifreeze glass. As a result, these days the weather was cold and the spray could not be sprayed. One owner said.

Every winter, there are always a lot of car owners, and the glass water bottles are frozen. Most of them are due to the poor quality of antifreeze glass. Are these glass waters marked by minus 25 degrees, or even minus 40 degrees, truly antifreeze?

How to identify inferior glass water?

It seems that many antifreeze glass waters on the market can not really achieve the effect of its publicity. Then we will teach you how to identify the functions and principles of high-quality glass water and glass water. Please look carefully.

1, the richer the glass water foam, the stronger the ability to decontamination and decontamination

When buying glass water, you can shake the bottle a few times to see if the foam is rich. The more bubbles, the more active agent it contains.

2, regular shop purchase

The frost resistance of glass water is very important, especially for colder weather in the north, if the anti-freezing performance of glass water is not good, it will affect the safety hazards caused by sight. The first is to look at the price of glass water. When buying, you must go to a regular store for purchase.

3, see the liquid viscosity

Glass water plays a role in corrosion and lubrication of rubber wipers. The more viscous it contains the more active ingredients, under normal circumstances, we can first turn the bottle upside down to see the rise of the drum inside. The speed, if it rises slowly, is more viscous.

4, anti-fog function

High-quality glass water will form a monolayer on the glass surface, which can effectively prevent fogging on the windshield glass. The general glass water does not have this function. Spraying on the windshield glass will paint it, making it more vague.

5, see the glass water for impurities

To see if the glass water is deteriorating, a more convenient method is to invert the bottle body. The high-quality glass water should be crystal clear. If there are floc-like objects, it indicates that the glass water has deteriorated, and it is best not to use it.

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