Ecochlor receives orders for 2 ballast water systems for 82,000 tons of bulk carriers

        Recently, W Marine has selected Ecochlor to provide ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) for two 82,000 dwt bulk carriers under construction. In addition, WMarine has confirmed that it will select six more ballast water treatment systems to retrofit the existing fleet.
Ecochlor 's President Tom Perlich said, "We are very pleased to reach an agreement with W Marine. We have realized that W Marine's commitment fully meets all environmental regulations. Ecochlor expects this long-term relationship and ensures every W Marine company The ship complies with all current and future ballast water treatment requirements."
According to Kyriakos Koumparakis, Technical Manager of W Marine , "Ecochlor's solution meets W Marine's stringent requirements for fully automated operation with low power consumption and simple design after an important study of the ballast water treatment system. Finally, W Marine's decision was based on their ability to ensure that the Eco Coast Company is able to ensure that the US Coast Guard recognizes its type of ballast water treatment solution."

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