Eliminating Outdated Production Capacity is the Difficulties of Environmental Protection during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan

The Minister of Environmental Protection, Zhou Shengxian, was interviewed by the media during the press conference to attend the China macroeconomic strategic research conference. He said that the Ministry of Environmental Protection will unite multiple departments and strive to achieve the strategic goals set out in China's macroeconomic strategic study. That is, by 2020, the discharge of major pollutants will be controlled and the environmental safety will be effectively guaranteed. By 2030, the total discharge of pollutants will be fully controlled and the environmental quality will be fully improved. By 2050, the environmental quality and the people’s increasing material life will increase. Adapt to the level and adapt to the socialist modernization.

Shen Guofan, head of the Expert Leading Group for China’s Environmental Macroeconomic Strategic Research Project and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, stated that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, relevant regulatory authorities will continue to promote the reduction of key pollutants and steadily push forward the “green” taxation system. China’s macroeconomic strategy study proposes that in the future, we must improve the environmental public finance system and increase investment in environmental protection; improve environmental and economic policies, and comprehensively promote environmental protection in the fields of production, distribution, distribution, and consumption; establish stable investment mechanisms for environmental protection and strive to improve Efficient use of environmental protection funds; strengthened management of environmental systems, establishment of a comprehensive and coordinated management system; strengthening of environmental legal system; strengthening of environmental science and technology support.

Wu Lanze, the deputy director of the China Environmental Planning Institute of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said earlier that further elimination of backward production capacity, optimization of industrial layout, and promotion of green development are difficulties during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period of environmental protection.

China's macro-strategy for environment research is the first time that China has carried out a strategy study on environmental protection. The Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Ministry of Environmental Protection have jointly led the implementation of the plan.

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