Gas Chromatography -Analytical Instruments -Laboratory Equipment - Laboratory Instrument

Model NO.: GC5890N
Spectrometer Detector: Si(Li)
Stationary Phase: Solid Adsorbent
Mobile Phase: Gas
Chromatography Type: Gas Chromatography
Chromatographic Column Type: Capilary Column
Chromatographic Column Length: 10~30cm
Chromatographic Column Diameter: 1~2mm
Weight: 75kg
Furnace Dimensions: 28 X 30 X 18cm
Package Size: 61 X 61 X 78
Brand: Kejie
Production Time: 7 Days
Shipping Time: 7-15days
Trademark: Kejie
Transport Package: Professional Export Packaging
Specification: 67 x 53 x 49 cm
Origin: China

Gas Chromatography -Analytical Instruments -Laboratory Equipment - Laboratory Instrument

Gas Chromatography -Analytical Instruments -laboratory equipment - laboratory instrument

·Product Description
GC5890N can be matched with kinds of detector. packed column and split/splitless capillary injector. It is compatible with Agilent 6890N detector, related detector controller, chromatograph working station and automatic sample. 
It has the characteristics of good performance, reliable operation, and excellent cost-effective.

·Product Features
1,The temperature control accuracy can be precise to 0.01 ºC by the new integrated digital electronic circuit with high control precision and reliable performance.
2, It has the functions of self-diagnosis for boot, stopwatch (for determining the flow), timer operation, storage protection for power off, keyboard locking, anti-interference, network data communication and remote control. 
3,It can gets lower limit of detection by unique injector system design.
4,You can choose automatic/manual gas six-way valve injector, headspace injector, thermal desorption injector, cracking furnace injector, methane conversion furnace and auto-injector. 
5,The program heating and the furnace temperature precision can be controlled stable and fast.  
6,Optional detectors are FID, TCD, ECD, FPD, NPD and PDHID. All detectors can control the temperature individually. FID is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning or changing the nozzle. TCD stable time is ≤20min.

·Technical Parameter
Column Oven
Furnace dimensions: 28 x 30 x 18cm
Temperature operating range Higher than the room temperature of 5ºC-450ºC
Temperature setting 1ºC;programmed heating rate 0.1ºC
Maximum heating speed 120ºC/min
Temperature stability It will be 0.01ºC, when the environment temperature changes 1ºC.
Programmed temperature steps 7 steps 
Column loss can be compensated (dual channel column)
Various injector available: packed column injectors, split/splitless capillary column injectors or cool on-column injectors
Max temperature control 400ºC
LOD ≤5 x 10 -12 g/s [n-C16]
Linear dynamic range ≥107
Drift ≤5 x 10 -13A/30min 
Noise ≤2 x 10 -13 A
Max using temperature 400ºC
Sensitivity ≥ [n-C16]
Linear dynamic range ≥104
Drift ≤ 10 0uV/30min
Noise ≤20uA
Max using temperature 250ºC
LOD ≤2 x 10 -13 g/s(P),≤5 x 10 -11 g/s (S)
Linear dynamic range ≥103(P),≥102(S)
Noise ≤2 x 10 -12 A
Drift ≤4 x 10 -11A/30min
Max using temperature 350ºC
Drift ≤5 0uV/30min
LOD ≤1 x 10 -14 g/ml(y-666)
Linear dynamic range ≥104
Noise ≤20uA
Max using temperature 400ºC
LOD ≤5 x 10 -13 g/s(P),≤1 x 10 -12 g/s (N)
Noise ≤4 x 10 -13 A
Drift ≤2.5 x 10 -12A/30min
Linear dynamic range ≥103(P),≥103(N)
LOD ≤5ppb

·Application Fields
GC5890N is widely used for the analysis of oil extraction and refining, petrochemical, fine chemical, food safety, environmental protection, electronic high-purity gas industry, scientific research institutes, QC, safety supervision, public security forensic and national security and so on. 

·Detail Pictures
The four systems help you control the experiment

Gas Chromatography -Analytical Instruments -Laboratory Equipment - Laboratory Instrument

HD LCD screen display, clear and could protect the eyes

Gas Chromatography -Analytical Instruments -Laboratory Equipment - Laboratory Instrument

You can choose different detectors, for example FID/TCD/FPD/ECD/NPD and so on

Gas Chromatography -Analytical Instruments -Laboratory Equipment - Laboratory Instrument

1,Standard export wooden case with high quality cushioning material ensure the item arrive customer in good condition.
2,Carefully check every packing detail before delivery to avoid any troubles during the transportation.
3,Appointed logistics company could be used according to customers demands.
4,Do our best to make sure customer can get their goods in time.
Gas Chromatography -Analytical Instruments -Laboratory Equipment - Laboratory Instrument

·About Kejie Group
Nanjing Kejie Group have one researching institution and four professional production bases,which is a leading manufacturer in R&D, manufacturing and sales of gas chromatography, high efficient liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrometer, atomic fluorescence, UV visible spectrophotometer, headspace injector and other analytical instruments and related products. 
Gas Chromatography -Analytical Instruments -Laboratory Equipment - Laboratory Instrument

·Our Service
Our commitment to you doesn't end when your equipment is shipped-It begins.
1,One years'warranty supported by product experts
2,AMC,post warranty,24H/7D response
3,Lifetime's spare parts supply for our products
4,Long term distribution partners worldwide ensure individual on-site customer consultation and service.

·Contact Information
2nd floor, A1 building, Nanjing University of Sci&Tech, 
No.129-3 Guanghua Road, Nanjing City, 
Jiangsu Province, China
Postal Code: 210014
Sales Contact
Tel: 025-83312752  
FAX: 025-83738955
Service Contact
Tel: 025-83312752  
FAX: 025-83738955
Please feel free to submit your inquiry information to us.We will contact with you as soon as possible.

Q1: Are you the factory?
A1: Of course we are,we have one Researching Institution and four Professional Production Bases
Q2:What's the warranty period? How do you provide this?
A2:Two years (24 month).
We have very strict inspection, the instruments which you received is high-quality and reliable.
If there's any error, we'll provide you the on line solution with in 12 hours. We'll provide you the spare parts and the shipping cost totally free.
If the problem was caused by the instrument quality, and cannot be repaired, we'll ship you the new one.
Q3:What's the production time?
A3:Usually 20 days for production, some equipments need extra time to debug.
Q4:What's the Dlivery method ?
A4:Light-weight cargo is usually by express , Air transport and sea shipping is acceptable (provide with safty packing)
Q5:What's the delivery time?
A5:According to different method and country , express will be 6~15 days
Q6:How to install and operate?
A6:According to each instruction manual which sent with equipment. ( We also provide after-sale technical support)
Q7:What's the payment term?
A7:Usually we do 50%TT deposit ,50%TT balance before shipping.Western Union, are acceptable.


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