Geological survey content of mine goaf

The goaf is one of the biggest safety hazards in underground mines. Underground mines mining activities, inevitably leaving a large number of mined-out area, if not promptly treated, the size of mined-out area increases, resulting in goaf top layer of slate sudden collapse, a strong shock wave, not only endanger underground The operation is safe and will lead to major geological disasters such as surface subsidence and ground fissures. The geological survey of the goaf includes:

(1) Identify the size and shape of the goaf, including the volume of the goaf, the projected area of ​​the empty area, the shape of the goaf, the connectivity of the goaf (independent goaf or gob), and the height of the goaf And length to width ratio;

(2) Identifying the water filling situation in the goaf;

(3) Identifying the physical and mechanical properties of ore and rock around the goaf, and investigating the lithology should pay special attention to the brittleness and plasticity of the rock;

(4) Find out the length of the goaf;

(5) Identify the changes in the size of the goaf, including the method and annual processing capacity of the goaf, and the quantity and volume of the newly added gobs;

(6) Investigate the occurrence of caving in goaf, including gradual retreat or staged large-scale retreat, whether the surface collapses and sinks, and analysis of historical ground pressure accidents;

(7) Pumping and drainage near the goaf and its impact on the stability of the goaf.

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