·Hebei major project observation group to visit Wanda tires

On August 4th, a major project observation group in Hebei Province conducted a survey on the construction of the second phase of the Tianjin Wanda Tire Group's Hebei Xingtai Plant.

This observation group was led by Yuan Tong, member of the Standing Committee of Hebei Provincial Party Committee and executive deputy governor.

The second phase of the Tianjin Wanda Tire Hebei Plant was officially started on March 2 this year.

Currently, the project is under construction and its products are planned for ultra-high performance tires, SUV tires and winter tires.

Wanda Tire said that after the project is put into production, the company will have a lot to do in the field of passenger car tires.

According to reports, in order to achieve a new leap, Wanda Tire is making efforts to expand production capacity, optimize industrial structure and build a modern factory.

After a detailed understanding of the construction situation, Yuan Tongli and his team went into the production workshop to observe the current status of the plant operation and the planning of the second phase project.

Mr. Yan Yushun, Chairman of Wanda Tire, accompanied him to observe and explain.

Yuan Tongli spoke highly of Wanda Tire and fully affirmed its important role in local construction.

He said that Wanda Tire has made use of its existing advantages to optimize its industrial structure, and has made important contributions to the growth of the local economy and the promotion of economic and social development.

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