Hualing Heavy Truck officially enters Hong Kong market with product launch

On the afternoon of April 22, a heavy truck brand named Hualing Heavy Trucks from Anhui Province held a product launch conference on the Gold Coast in Hong Kong. This indicates that Hualing Heavy Trucks formally entered the Hong Kong market. This is also the first mainland autonomy to enter the Hong Kong market. High-end heavy truck brand.

Hua Jianhui, Vice Governor of Anhui Province, Zhang Xiaolin, mayor of Maanshan City, Anhui Province, and other provincial and municipal leaders visited the conference site to make recommendations for this heavy truck brand from Maanshan, Anhui Province.

More than 200 customers, media and other people from Hong Kong attended the conference.

Valin Xingma's launch of the Hong Kong market is its high-end product, the Star Kemah series, which has three models and was exhibited at the conference site, including engineering dump trucks, long-distance logistics vehicles and trucks from Guangdong and Hong Kong.

The conference also demonstrated the “Hanma Power” engine that Valin Xingma just released last year. "Henma Power" engine is a high-performance engine series developed by Valin Xingmao jointly with international first-class R & D institutions and research institutes, which has completely independent intellectual property rights, including two series of CM6D18 and CM6D28, with a displacement of 9.8 liters and 11.8. l, power coverage 199KW-353KW. The engine adopts in-line 6-cylinder, integral cylinder head, four-valve, overhead camshaft and rear gear train. It adopts BOSCH high-pressure common rail fuel injection system. The engine B10 has a life span of 1 million kilometers and the emission reaches Euro IV and Euro V standards. , With the potential to upgrade to Euro VI emissions, with high power, low fuel consumption, environmental protection and high reliability.

Valin Xingma has always insisted on taking the high-end route. Over the years, it has not been eager to expand the market scale. Instead, it has put quality and brand building first, especially for overseas markets. Valin Xingma Chairman Liu Hanru has repeatedly stated that he would like to let the autonomous heavy truck brand enter the markets of developed countries such as Europe and the United States. In recent years, Valin Xingma has also been making meticulous preparations for entering the international high-end heavy truck market. On the one hand, it has developed the Xingkai Ma series, which is a high-end vehicle product designed for advanced economies such as Europe and the United States. On the other hand, it has stepped up implementation of the EU, The certification of advanced economies such as Australia, since last year, the StarKama series of European IV and European V vehicle products have passed the EU certification.

Hong Kong is the world's famous free port, the world's third-largest financial center, and the world's eleventh largest trading economic system. Hong Kong also has a profound cultural heritage and enjoys a lofty position and popularity in the world. Although the commercial vehicle market in Hong Kong is not large, due to Hong Kong’s important international status, Valin Xingma pays great attention to the Hong Kong market. Valin Xingma’s chairman Liu Hanru said in an interview: “Hong Kong is a developed economy. Like the developed countries in Europe and America, the market access and environmental protection requirements for heavy-duty vehicles are very strict. Xingjima is a representative brand of high-end heavy trucks in China. Being able to enter the Hong Kong market itself fully demonstrates the excellent performance of products and excellent quality; Hong Kong is still highly In an international metropolis, entering the Hong Kong market is the first time for an independent high-end heavy truck brand. This is of great significance. This will have a very good brand communication effect for the Valin Xingma Club and will play a role in entering other advanced economies. Do more with less."

Liu Hanru also said that he will put more high-end products into the Hong Kong market as soon as possible, gain a firm foothold in the Hong Kong market and mature the Hong Kong market. At the same time, he also hopes that he can use Hong Kong as an international high-end market to further open other international high-end heavy truck markets and allow independent high-end heavy truck brands to go global.

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