Inevitable choice for research and development of medium and high-end CNC machine tools

The level, variety and production capacity of CNC machine tools directly reflect the comprehensive strength of a country's industry. The birth of CNC machine tools in China is slightly behind that of the United States and Germany. After nearly half of the world's development, China's CNC machine tools lag far behind Germany. In the United States, Japan, and other countries, domestic CNC machine tools are mainly based on low-end economy and mid-range popular CNC machine tools. The market share of CNC machine tools is 70% to 80%, and 90% of CNC systems (popular and advanced) are occupied by foreign companies. .
At this stage, in the Chinese market, the market share of domestic mid-range CNC machine tools is only 35%, and more than 95% of high-end CNC machine tools mainly rely on imports. The stability and reliability of product quality are still relatively large compared with the international advanced level. Expansion capacity. Excessive technological dependence leads to the lack of high-tech support in the industry, which lags behind the independent innovation of the industry. At present, in the CNC machine tools, the low-end products occupy the main force, and the high-end CNC machine tools are still short-board. High-end CNC machine tools are essential for the four major fields of aerospace, automotive, marine and power generation equipment manufacturing, and are essential for industrial upgrading.
In 2014, the country will continue to grow steadily and adjust its structure. Under this environment, the CNC machine tool industry must adjust its existing industrial structure and develop high-end on the basis of the existing mid-end results. On the one hand, it needs to face foreign products and joint venture products. Squeeze the competitive pressure of the domestic mid-end market, on the other hand, we must increase R&D, squeeze into the high-end market, and get rid of the grim situation that is subject to people.
In terms of R&D, the company implements an innovative development strategy based on the existing special support of the country, with the enterprise as the theme and innovation as the driving force. In view of the fact that the machine tool belongs to an industry with large investment and slow effect, it is impossible to achieve long-term development only by the company's own efforts. A number of companies participate in common technology research and development, and at the same time introduce research institutions to participate in the implementation of public-private partnerships (PPP) to promote research and development; national level needs to increase basic research investment and R & D personnel training.
The rapid development of China's CNC machine tool industry and the continuous enhancement of its overall strength have made the international status of the CNC machine tool industry significantly improved. In the face of such an attractive Chinese market, how can the CNC machine tool manufacturing powers be discouraged; The frenzy has prompted a new round of industrial restructuring supported by high and new technology. In the complex and ever-changing domestic and international market environment, if there is no high-tech research and development independently, the huge development opportunities in the CNC machine tool industry can only be handed over.
Technological innovation is the driving force behind structural adjustment and the source of competitive advantage. Under the situation that China's medium and high-end CNC machine tool technology is extremely scarce and foreign companies occupy market advantages, the research and development of medium and high-end CNC machine tool technology is both necessary for the situation and an inevitable choice for achieving the goals of the 12th Five-Year Plan.

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