Integrated intelligent spore capture identification system helps agricultural disease prevention from passive to active

In agricultural production, crop diseases are one of the major factors affecting or reducing the quality and yield of crops, and they are extremely harmful to crops. The prevention and control of crop diseases has always been a difficult point in agricultural production. The reason for this is mainly because traditional agriculture is often passive in the prevention and control of agricultural diseases. Usually, it is carried out after the invasion of crop germs is discovered. Prevention and control, in fact, at this time the crop germs have caused damage and damage to the crops, and the vitality is also tenacious, has missed the best time for prevention, so the control effect is greatly reduced. The application of integrated intelligent spore capture and identification system in modern agriculture to conduct automatic capture and monitoring of spores of crop pathogens is to help modern agriculture reverse this unfavorable situation and realize the transformation of agricultural disease prevention from passive to active.

Integrated intelligent spore capture authentication system

The diseases of crops have been caused by the diseases. The basic reason is that they have been infested by harmful bacteria, causing crops to have physiological obstacles and affecting their normal growth and development. Therefore, it is necessary to actively respond to and actively carry out crop disease prevention and control. The most important thing to do is to strengthen The monitoring and early warning of the source of the disease-disease spores and the application of the integrated intelligent spore catching identification system to monitor these “spirits and spores” of the spores can promptly understand the types, numbers and occurrence and development of these spores dispersed in the air. Disease prevention should be carried out in advance, and disease prevention and control should be carried out as soon as possible to prevent its further spread. The efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural disease prevention and control should be significantly improved, providing important protection for the growth and safety of crops.

The frequent and significant occurrence of crop diseases will cause serious losses in modern agricultural production. Therefore, the principle of prevention-oriented and comprehensive prevention and control has always been adopted for crop disease prevention and control. The application of the integrated smart spore capture identification system has effectively improved the level of monitoring and early warning of crop diseases in the plant protection sector, and it also helps related departments to do a good job in crop disease prevention and control, and provides safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly methods for the safety of crops. Protect and promote the green, ecological and sustainable development of modern agriculture.

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