Interpretation of hematite gravity ore dressing production line

Hematite beneficiation production line in order to improve the quality of hematite to meet industrial production requirements and design and construction of mineral processing production line, hematite nature is more complex, and therefore hematite beneficiation processes and methods and properties of hematite have a very large The relationship, in general, the hematite beneficiation method is mainly re-election method, strong magnetic separation method, magnetization roasting method, flotation method, etc., so the hematite ore dressing production line is also divided into re-election production line, strong magnetic separation production line, Magnetization roasting production line, flotation production line, but the most commonly used for hematite beneficiation and refining is the re-election line, because the hematite re-election line not only has low equipment investment, low production cost, high beneficiation efficiency, and no pollution to the environment. Very conducive to the use of small and medium-sized hematite plant, let's take a look at the gravity ore dressing line of hematite.

The hematite gravity ore dressing production line mainly consists of crusher , vibrating screen, jig, dewatering screen and other equipment. The specific equipment configuration needs to be determined according to the specific properties of hematite. Here we only re-elect the hematite according to the general situation. The production line is described in detail.

The hematite re-election line uses the jig as the core sorting equipment. The function of the jig is to separate the minerals with different specific gravity. The iron minerals are generally larger than their associated gangues, especially for coarse-grained inlays. The hematite is crushed and sieved to achieve the particle size after dissociation of the monomer. The specific gravity of the iron mineral is significantly larger than the specific gravity of the gangue, so that a better beneficiation effect can be obtained on the jig. The re-election line consisting of joint operation with jig also includes crusher equipment. Generally, hematite is crushed by two stages. The coarse crushing is simple and practical. The crusher is simple and practical. The crusher is broken or cone-shaped according to the situation. The material enters the circular vibrating screen and is sieved. The material that meets the particle size requirements is re-selected into the jig. The jig separates the minerals with different specific gravity, the light and heavy minerals are discharged separately from the machine, and the dehydrated sieve is dehydrated, and the dehydrated concentrate and tail are discharged. The mine can be directly transported to the destination site for storage. The whole hematite re-election line works like this. It is simple, practical and easy to operate, and energy-saving, efficient and pollution-free. It is the ideal for coarse-grained hematite ore dressing. Mineral processing production line.

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