Love • Sharing - Bump Sharing Car Rental "Care for Orphans in Action"

Love! Everyone has their own different understanding.

For children who grew up in a complete family, they were surrounded by happiness from an early age and they had the love of their parents. However, with such a group of children, they are innocent and cute, but they can't be spoiled by parents like other children . They are smart and beautiful , but they can't play with their parents like other children . This is the children who live in orphanages.

In the Children’s Day just past, Bumpy Shared Cars initiated the “Love and Sharing” charity event. Bumper Sharing Car Rental Beijing Branch joined hands with volunteers to enter the Fuai Baby House in Tongzhou District, sending children's goods there to bring warmth and sharing love.

There are cute little girls who live in Fuai Baby House. They are lively and beautiful, but no parents can rely on it. They are smart and smart, but they cannot go to school like other children. Seeing the volunteers in love, the children are particularly happy. Everyone plays and plays together. During lunch, volunteers in the kitchen were busy with dumplings, dumplings, and prepared lunches.

After the lunch break, bumpy shared car rental Beijing branch came to Youyoutang Roosevelt shop together with love volunteers and children. This is the first time children have come to the indoor playground. They are playing and enjoying the happiness and joy of the moment.

Bumpy shared car hire took the lead in bringing the concept of “do not live” to Beijing and advocated sharing love. It is hoped that such "love -sharing" charity activities that care for orphans can arouse people's concern for orphans so that they can have a healthy and happy childhood and a beautiful future just like ordinary children.

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Filter Disc is processed by puncher with special mould. It's one of the filters; meanwhile it's also one of the most widely used products. The wire mesh disc is mainly based on the processing customized size and shape of the customers. The filter mesh has so many different apertures, that it can meet the needs of different filters. The filter mesh appearance is very beautiful, for a variety of containers is no problem

The shape of metal filter disc include rectangle, square, round, ellipse, ring, rectangle, hat shape, waist shape and abnormity.

Wire mesh disc structure: single, double, multilayer.

Processing technology: double or three layers of spot welding, solder joints are generally 4 - 10 different, also can according to customer requirements to do single-layer and double layer hemming.

Rim material: stainless steel plate, copper plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, etc.

Filter diameter: generally 5 mm to 600 mm

Use: Filter wire mesh products (referred to as filter), mainly used in rubber, plastics industry, grain and oil, oil refining, screening, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding, automobile and tractor industry in distillation, absorption, evaporation, filtration process, eliminate entrained in the steam or the droplets in the gas and liquid foam, and car used as air filter.

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