New Energy Auto Shanghai Auto Show

At the Shanghai Auto Show, the most striking feature is the vanguard new energy vehicles exhibited by various car companies. According to industry insiders, sales of new energy vehicles in overseas markets have seen improvement, but promotion in the domestic market is still not optimistic.

Power-saving and oil-saving

Compared with previous years, in addition to paying attention to the appearance and fuel economy of new energy vehicles, auto makers have taken momentum as a selling point, reflecting the fact that new energy vehicle technologies are actually being improved.

The Volkswagen Group unveiled its latest models with its 11 brands. Among them, the Volkswagen brand CrossBlue Coupé, the world’s first high-tech concept sports car, was driven by a plug-in hybrid system with an average fuel consumption of only 3.0 liters per 100 kilometers.

Toyota, which is a mature hybrid technology company, is focusing on the development, production and promotion of localized hybrid products. "Cloud Dynamic Dual Engine II" is a hybrid vehicle developed and researched in China's R&D center and specially designed for the Chinese market. The industry believes that this marks that Toyota is actively advancing toward the goal of “production of domestic hybrid hybrid models in 2015 for FAW Toyota and GAC Toyota”.

BYD has released a new generation of DM dual-mode electric vehicle “Qin” at the auto show. This product emphasizes the combination of dynamic and fuel-efficient. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 2 liters and the maximum speed can reach 185 kilometers per hour. Brilliance Motors displayed models such as the Greater China III concept car, the Chinese H530 plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Chinese H230 electric vehicle, and the Golden Ocean Sea Lion L pure electric vehicle.

Domestic promotion is still difficult

Although new energy auto products are becoming more and more abundant, public car companies frankly say that it is difficult to promote the domestic market.

The relevant person of BYD told the China Securities Journal that the company’s new energy vehicles are currently more mature in Shenzhen, but it is very difficult to enter the Guangzhou market, mainly because local products such as Nissan Leaf are locally produced in Guangzhou.

The government subsidy funds for new energy products could not be put in place to a certain extent, and to a certain extent, it also restricted the promotion and operation of new energy vehicles. BYD officials said that although the government has formulated a subsidy policy, the process is complicated and slow. Even if the new energy vehicle is delivered and operated, the subsidy money is still not ready to be issued.

At present, the new subsidy policy for new energy vehicles has not yet been introduced. People of SAIC Group responsible for new energy vehicles believe that government subsidies will withdraw one day sooner or later. It is an inevitable choice for enterprises to actively plan promotion programs other than subsidies. The relevant person of BYD introduced, in order to promote the growth of the quantity, now the company is making a "zero car" new energy vehicle promotion plan. The program does not require government subsidies. It only requires purchasers to sign agreements with companies and banks. This scheme has attracted the interest of the government and many buyers.

Good sales overseas

Unlike the "separated" state of the domestic market, overseas markets are more inclusive of new energy vehicles produced outside the region. Recently, Toyota's global sales of hybrid vehicles have exceeded 5 million, and BYD also said that it has received overseas orders.

The sales department of BYD told a reporter from China Securities Journal that at present, the company's overseas orders are in good condition. Overseas markets have higher acceptance of new energy vehicles than domestic ones. The company has already received orders from Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, and Europe. The procurement of new energy vehicles in these places is mainly due to its outstanding environmental protection and economic performance. For example, a new energy taxi can be returned in Shenzhen within two years, and then it is net profit.

Ge Yuan, the chief investment officer of the UK’s Oerlikon Fund, also stated that the current operation of the electric car in the taxi industry has basically achieved a break-even and profitability, and it is very optimistic about the prospect of promotion and operation in this field.

In the more mature hybrid models, Toyota's sales have already reached a new level in global promotion. According to Toyota’s sources, as of the end of March this year, the company’s cumulative sales of hybrid vehicles (including plug-in hybrid vehicles) have exceeded 5 million vehicles worldwide, reaching 5.126 million vehicles.

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