Parking management system configuration should be applied as a principle

In the yard management, the accuracy of the parking management system configuration is more important;
When the length of the network cable exceeds 100 meters, but does not exceed 200 meters, a repeater or hub can be added to amplify the signal; if the data transmission volume is large and the distance is long, an optical fiber connection is recommended.
The parking lot management system is based on the non-contact ID card parking management system and is equipped with an image capture and recognition system and a Chinese character synchronization prompt system. The Chinese character display system displays "monthly rental card is valid", "this card is invalid" and "remaining parking space XXX" Such as the prompt information, the image capture system completes the automatic capture and contrast of the incoming and outgoing vehicle images, and cooperates with the voice system of the Chinese character display system to prompt when entering and exiting the vehicle.
The parking lot management system ID card can be combined with other building intelligence subsystems such as access control systems and catering systems to form a "one-card" parking lot ID card that can stop and open the door, catering.
The system has an open interface and upgradability, that is, the parking fee system can be operated separately and can be used for data sharing and networking with other nearby parking lots.
The parking lot management system is a network system built by computers, network equipment, and lane management equipment to manage the entrance and exit of parking vehicles, the guidance of on-site traffic flow, and the collection of parking fees. It is a necessary tool for professional parking yard management companies. It collects and records the vehicle's in-and-out records and field locations to achieve dynamic and static integrated management of vehicle access and on-site vehicles. The system generally uses a radio frequency induction card as a carrier, records vehicle in and out information through a proximity card, and implements charging policies, management of charging accounts, and control of lane equipment through management software. The market for car park management systems is gradually expanding, and it is firmly on the market. What are the functions of the parking management system?
1. Anti-dumping function: Parking system When the vehicle is directly below the barrier, the vehicle is detected by the ground coil, the barrier will not fall, and the parking system will not support the offline operation until all the vehicles have left directly below it. .
2. Pressure waves prevent people or car functions. In places where pedestrians may pass under the brake rods, in order to prevent deafness, pressure wave detectors must be installed so as to prevent the deterring of persons while also preventing the deterrence.
3. Supports permanent and temporary card working methods, automatic identification, record storage.
4. The barrier can be opened manually after the system power failure.
5. One car, one card, one in and one out, only when you enter, you can go out, and only after you go out, customers should be careful not to be deceived by the limited access control system. Such a system can be used for more than one card. .
6. Parking lot system full-position detection function: Set the parking lot parking space in the management computer. If the vehicle entering the parking lot arrives at the parking space, the computer will remind the administrator and display the parking space on the electronic display screen.
Parking Management System Instructions:
1. When a permanent user's vehicle enters the parking lot, the sensor automatically detects the vehicle's entry and determines the validity of the card held. If legal, the barrier opens and the vehicle enters the parking lot. The camera captures a picture of the vehicle and stores it in the computer. The controller records the time the vehicle enters and is transferred to the computer when connected.
2. When the vehicle of the temporary user enters the parking lot, a temporary card is obtained from the ticket issuing machine. The reader automatically detects the entry of the vehicle and judges the legality of the card held. If legal, the barrier is opened, the vehicle enters the parking lot, and the digital video recorder captures the photograph of the vehicle and stores it in the computer. The controller records the time of entry of the vehicle and transmits it to the computer when connected.
3. When the permanent user's vehicle leaves the parking lot, the reading sensor automatically detects the departure of the vehicle and determines the validity of the card held. If legal, the barrier is opened and the vehicle leaves the parking lot. The camera records the photo of the vehicle and stores it on the computer. The controller records the time when the vehicle leaves, and it is transmitted to the computer when connected.
4. When the temporary user vehicle leaves the parking lot, the controller can automatically detect the temporary card, prompting the driver to pay the fee, and the temporary vehicle must return the temporary card to the security and pay a certain fee. It can only be confirmed after security confirmation. When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the camera takes a picture of the vehicle and stores it in a digital video recorder. The controller records the time when the vehicle leaves the car, and when it is connected to the digital video recorder.

The  Oil Tank Heater with the Vortex Tube as the  Heat Exchange element, realizes heat functions of high efficiency, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, fouling prevention, greatly improving the integral performance of the  Tube Heat Exchanger. The problem of the serious waste of oil product warming steam energy saving and consumption reducing in the petrochemical industry is promoted positively. Now the product has been used widely in the fields of oil tank` heating in the Sinopec  refining  industry system. Depend on the outstanding effect on saving energy and good,stable operation capability, the product win the greeted favorable comment by the person in the line because of this, our company has became the Sinopec  strategic partner honorably. 

The advantange of the Oil Tank Heater:

1. High heating rate and high heat transfer efficiency without fouling.

2. Heat oil product with certain amount as needed.

3. Local high temperature or charring of oil product is avoided, ensuring the quality of oil product and the heat transfer efficiency of heater.

4. The oil outlet inside the oil tank has the highest temperature, ensuring the fluidity of poured oil product.

5. Repeated heating oil product inside the oil tank is avoided, ensuring the chrominance of oil product and the cost of oil product processing is reduced.

6. Long service life, with functions of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and fouling prevention, the integral performance of Heat Exchanger is enhanced greatly.

7. With advance process structure design, the oil produce can flow out smoothly and the bottom of tank be sucked perfectly.

8. Compact structure and convenient installation and maintenance ensure that the safety of oil tank would not be affected by the installation of heater. Compared with U-shaped Tube Heat Exchanger with the same area of heat exchange, the dimensions of eddy hot film heat exchange is only about half the external dimensions of U-shaped tube heat exchanger.

9. According to customer`s request,the equipment can realize the automated inspect and control of temperature,pressure,flow rate,leak detection.

Oil Heat Exchanger

Oil Tank Heater

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