·Parts and components enterprises participate in Shandong Public Transport Conference

On February 24-26, on the occasion of the spring blossoms, the Sixth Member Congress of the Shandong Urban Public Transport Association was held in Liaocheng, Shandong Province. The Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation, the Road Transportation Bureau, and the Passenger Transport Management Office and Jinan Bus Nearly 150 principals from 58 units including Liaocheng Bus, Qingdao Bus, Yantai Bus and Taian Bus visited the meeting. Gao Hongtao, inspector of Shandong Provincial Transportation Department, and Ren Xiaowang, Vice Mayor of Liaocheng attended the meeting. As a representative of excellent product suppliers, auto parts companies were also invited to participate in the meeting.
The meeting listened to the important opinions of the superior leaders on the healthy development of the bus association and the province's bus industry, and listened to and reviewed the 2015 work report of the provincial bus association, the 2015 financial work report of the association, the 2015 work goal of the association, and commended the bus in the province. Integrity bus companies, honest bus lines, and integrity service models emerged in the industry's “thick roads and luans” tree-raising activities. Exchanged the advanced experience of bus companies, field-tested new energy electric vehicles and charging construction achievements, and established a new energy professional committee. As an invited representative, at the inaugural meeting of the New Energy Professional Committee, Zhou Weihua, deputy general manager of the auto parts company, gave a speech and focused on the application and function of our company's intelligent engine cooling system (ATS) products on new energy vehicles. A detailed introduction was made to enable the delegates to have an intuitive and profound understanding of our company. After the meeting, the participants also communicated with the participants.
As a strong economic province in North China, Shandong has unique geographical and economic advantages. By participating in this conference, auto parts companies not only demonstrated the company's technical strength, but also met new friends. It is of great significance to expand the bus and ATS market in Shandong, maintain old customers and develop new customers.

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