Railway Works Flat Wagon on Sale

  • Model NO.: TR-0016
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Material: Steel
  • Gauge: 1435mm
  • Trademark: Tedrail
  • Specification: 70T
  • HS Code: 8601101900
  • Customized: Customized
  • Type: Wagon
  • Payment: L/C,T/T
  • Delivery Time: 90days
  • Transport Package: by Container
  • Origin: China
NX70 Specifications
Type: NX70
Gauge: 1435mm standard
Bogie Type: K5 or K6
Volume size: 77m3
Loading capacity: 70t
Tare weight: Less than 23.8t
Axle load: 23t (+2% -1%)
Equivalent length: 1.5
High of center of gravity empty: 738mm
Tare-to-load ratio: 0.34
Load per meter of track: Less than 5.73 t/m
Min radius of curvature negotiated: 145m
Design Speed: 120 km/h
Braking distance: Less than 1400m (loaded & emergent)
Whole wagon braking leverage: 7.8
Braking ratio: Empty 24.1% and loaded 17.9% (common braking level)
Clearance limit: In conformance with Chinese National Standard GB146.1-1983Moving Dimensions for Locomotives and Rolling Stocks on standard gauge
Basic dimensions:
Length of wagon: 16366mm
Fixed distance of wagon: 10920mm,
Length of bottom frame: 15440mm
Max width of wagon: 3157mm
Max height of empty wagon: Mm
Max width of bottom frame: 2960mm
Height from top of rail to floor top when empty: 1216mm
Height from top of rail to loading face of International container when empty: 1216mm
Height from top of rail to coupler center when empty: 880mm
Wheel diameter: 840mm
Max load on loading unit length: 1m-30t, 2m-35t, 3m-45t, 4m-50t, 5m-55t
Containers loading: 45/48/50 ft international container or 1AAA/1AA/1A/1AX/1CC/1C/1CX type container stated in ISO668 items.
The under frame of such wagon is of full steel welded structure. Plank floor or thick bamboo compound floor is layed on the underframe, with container locking device. Coupler draft gear contains E grade steel 17 type coupler, 17 type forged steel yoke, MT-2 draft gear. Air brake system of which the brake main pipe pressure achieves 500Kpa and 600Kpa is adopted, including 120 type controlling valve, integral spinning sealed brake cylinder, stainless embedded air reservoir, ST2-250 type BI-direction brake shoe slack adjuster, KZW-A type empty and load automatic adjuster and automatic braking equipment in derailment condition and so on. Stainless steel brake fittings, piping system and high friction coefficient compositive brake block are used. Hand brake device is NSW hand brake machine. Converted K6 bogie is adopted.

working condition  loading capacity 
container  2*20ft 70t
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