Remote Water Meter Helps Anhui Liu'an Improve Water Management Accuracy and Promote Water Conservation

[China Instrument Network Instrument Industry] Recently, Anhui Liu'an Water Conservation Office launched the third quarter plan for water assessment. Since the third quarter of this year, Luan City has gradually achieved full coverage of planned water users' remote meters, and started to use remote meter data as an assessment basis. The data shows that in the third quarter, there were a total of 93 households with over-planned water use, and the total amount of water used for the ultra-planned project was 150,000 tons.

The rotor in a mechanical water meter requires a minimum flow to rotate, and the rotor has a certain basic resistance, which must be overcome to ensure rotation in the presence of water flow. Therefore, this method can only charge for the approximate amount of water consumed by each household. The "measurement leakage" caused by the inaccuracy of mechanical water meters has limited our ability to accurately determine where the wasted water has gone and also limits the ability of water management to enter the modernization stage.

Remote water meter, compared with traditional water meter, it has no mechanical transmission parts, no pressure loss, not affected by water hammer and large flow impact, higher sensitivity, solves the problems of instant data collection, water metering, water supervision, etc. This method has a strong deterrent effect, so that users do not dare to easily make a fuss on the water meter, so that users can greatly reduce the situation of stealing water.

Based on the above factors, the use of remote water meters has greatly enhanced the accuracy of planned water management, and has contributed to the promotion of water users' efforts to strengthen water management and actively save water.

(Original title: Accurate metering effect of remote water meter shows that the amount of ultra-planned water in the third quarter reached 150,000 tons)

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