Research and completion of a highway system for numerical control logging equipment

Due to the wide range of Windows 98 operating systems, most field operators are familiar, easy to accept and master, and shorten the learning process of field operators. The system was identified by China National Petroleum Corporation in July 1999 and has been put into use in the oilfield logging stations of Nanyang Petroleum Bureau and Nanyang. Implementation Method SKC9800 CNC logging system consists of hardware and software. Utilizes today's advanced computer control technology, combined with the advantages of CLS3700 system in data acquisition and signal recovery, to form stable and reliable hardware; using popular object-oriented software development technology, combined with the characteristics of graphical user interface, develop easy-to-learn and use logging software . The following mainly introduces the specific implementation from two aspects of hardware and software.

Hardware design In hardware design, on the one hand, fully apply advanced computer technology, take advantage of large hard disk space and small size tape drive; on the other hand, learn from the mature hardware technology of CLS3700, including data acquisition, downhole illegal measurement unit: 1in= 25.4mm. The same power supply, wiring control and other cabinets are kept compatible with the system, which is beneficial to the CLS3700 series downhole instrument. This design not only overcomes the shortcomings of the CLS3700 system computer and corresponding peripherals, but also retains the advantages of the system in hardware acquisition and power supply. Compared with the CLS3700 system, the SKC9800 system has the following differences: The 3882 computer is replaced with the Pentium II industrial computer, which completes the control of the peripherals, and the running speed is greatly improved. The operation is more convenient and flexible than the CRT and TTY; the 3791 hard disk is replaced with a 10GB computer hard disk. The storage capacity is expanded by hundreds of times; the tape drive is replaced with an HP4mm tape drive to improve the reliability of the stored data; the CRT is replaced with a Samsung 17in* display, which makes the software interface rich in color. System hardware block diagram. The system uses two industrial computers as control computers to interconnect two computers via Ethernet. The interconnected two computers can not only share resources, including hardware resources such as hard disks, floppy drives, CD-ROM drives, and software resources, such as logging systems, logging data files, and file transfers. Operators can use one computer. Logging, another computer processes the data files, such as playback, splicing and other post-processing work.

Software upgrade CLS3700 logging software uses the dedicated DOS256 operating system as the platform, using the assembly program compiled by the early 8/16 computer instruction system, can complete the collection and processing of the CLS3700 series downhole instrument data, get the corresponding logging data, and execute The efficiency is high and the stability is good, but the interaction is poor and the operation is inconvenient. The software is an executable file provided by Atlas, which cannot be modified by the user. To extend the function, it is more difficult to match other downhole instruments. The software fully functions with the CLS3700, not only can complete signal processing and numerical calculation when all the downhole instruments of the CLS3700 series are mated, but also realize various combination logging by using PCM3506 remote transmission; the software is used for various types of measurement in data objects. The well signal sets multiple data channels to facilitate function expansion and realize the mating of different series of downhole instruments.


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