The digitalization process drives the development of the mold market

The digitalization process drives the development of the mold market

With the development of information technology, digital production methods are an important development direction for advanced mold manufacturing. The digitalization of the mold manufacturing industry is the result of the intersection, integration, development and application of mold manufacturing technology, computer technology, network technology and management science. The digitalization of the mold manufacturing industry has been continuously strengthened. The mold manufacturing technology and information technology have been intertwined. The digitalization of the mold manufacturing industry has become a breakthrough point in the transformation of traditional industries of information technology and the realization of informatization to promote industrial upgrading.

The digitization of information has also become more and more important for researchers. The so-called digital die technology is the era of information technology. It is the application of computer technology or computer aided technology CA X mold design and manufacturing process to promote the upgrade of China's intellectual creation.

With the digital prototype as the core, digitization is based on the generation, processing, transmission, use, modification and storage of numbers. With a single data source management as a link, the digital quantity is used to replace the analog quantity in the design, manufacturing and management process, and the traditional technology is replaced with the digital technology. The digital quantity is used as the sole basis for design, manufacture and management.

By the end of the 20th century, competition in terms of delivery, quality, price, and service, global manufacturing competition has been scaled up from the early 20th century, reduced product costs, improved overall efficiency and product quality in the mid to late 20th century. Since entering the 21st century, it has developed into a competitive ability for innovation. This trend has caused the focus of manufacturing competition to focus on product development speed and innovation capabilities. In order to improve innovation capability and efficiency, digital strategy has become the preferred strategy for multinational manufacturing companies' product innovation.

Digital manufacturing refers to the support of digital technologies such as virtual reality, computer networks, rapid tooling, databases, and multimedia. Digital manufacturing technology is at the heart of digital manufacturing. According to the user's needs, it quickly collects resource information, analyzes, plans and reorganizes product information, process information, and resource information. The product design and function simulation and prototype manufacturing can quickly produce the entire manufacturing process of the product that meets the user's required performance.

The gross production value of China's mold manufacturing industry has developed into a world champion. It has been reforming and opening up for more than 30 years. In the coming decades, China will realize the transition from a big mold and die industry to a strong mold industry. Increasing the level of technological innovation and product quality has become an urgent need for the development of China's manufacturing industry. Accelerate the digital transformation of the mold manufacturing industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing from China to China, and fundamentally change the way of national economic development.

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