·The first batch of pure electric logistics vehicles won the Beijing Pass

On December 26, the first batch of 100 pure electric logistics vehicles received the Beijing Pass, and several new energy automobile companies including SAIC Datong and Changan became the first enterprises to obtain the electric logistics vehicle to enter the Beijing Pass.
In order to alleviate environmental pollution, the Beijing Municipal Government led the organization of 500 pure electric logistics vehicle demonstration projects through the Science and Technology Commission in March this year. On Saturday, the first batch of pure electric logistics vehicles were officially delivered, including more than 20 SAIC EV80 pure electric light passengers. It is understood that the first batch of vehicles will be put into demonstration operation in 2016. According to SAIC Chase, the company sold more than 1,000 new energy vehicles this year, more than 50% of which are logistics vehicles. Next year, we hope that the sales of new energy vehicles will reach more than twice this year, and by 2020, SAIC Chase New Energy vehicle sales will reach 40,000 units, accounting for 20% of the total sales target of 200,000.

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