The high-throughput tissue grinder has obvious advantages in seed purity detection

In recent years, the seed market has been active and there is a great demand for excellent seed quality markets. In order to ensure seed quality, enterprises need to carry out a large number of seed inspections, and seed purity testing is an important part of this. In this test project, the most important item is to prepare the sample and obtain a comminuted sample with a high degree of grinding. In the past, artificial grinding of wheat, barley, corn, mung bean and other samples was used, but now high-throughput is utilized. Tissue grinders for efficient grinding.

High-throughput tissue grinder

From the actual application point of view, high-throughput tissue grinding instrument has obvious advantages in seed purity detection. Although it is not very complicated to grind the seed, it is still difficult to achieve the cleanliness of the grind and to ensure the consistency of the sample. In addition, we know that every species is tested for seed authenticity and purity. Need to do a certain number of repetitions, especially when the purity test requires at least 100 seeds. If artificial seeds are broken and DNA is extracted at this time, it will be a very laborious manual labor. It may take several working days for one person to operate. Can be completed. However, if a high-throughput tissue grinder is to be delivered, the template DNA of the seed to be tested can be obtained in a few simple steps within a few minutes, and the efficiency and effectiveness are significantly improved.

With the accelerating process of agricultural modernization, the throughput of samples in the field of seed testing and genetics and breeding is also increasing. When high-throughput tissue grinders are not used but artificial labor is used, this is to allow scientific research work. Somewhat troublesome. However, after the emergence of high-throughput tissue grinders and their successful application in seed purity testing, these tedious pre-treatment problems are easily solved. These professional pre-processing instruments and technologies have contributed to the development of the seed research industry. power.

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