Tire self test 6 steps

As the “foot” of a car, tires have always been silently serving the Lord. In fact, no matter how fast the car can run, there is no such thing as leaving the four legs. However, it is such a critical part that is most vulnerable to being left out. Today we will teach you how to self-test tires.


Is your car stuck on a tire? If so how long ago is it? In fact, for tires that have been filled for a long time, even if they are used for the time being, it will be much less tolerant under extreme loads. In addition, if more than 3 holes have been drilled on the same tire, we It is still recommended that you replace it as soon as possible.

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When a car drives through pits, obstacles, and curbs at high speeds, the tires will be severely deformed under a large impact force, and the internal pressure will increase instantaneously. This direct result is that the sidewall cord breaks and causes a bulge. . In addition, under the same impact strength, low flat ratio tires are more likely to cause sidewall bulges than high flat tires. Tyres that have already experienced bulging must be replaced immediately, otherwise there is a risk of puncture.


In general, the normal use of family cars can be replaced every 60,000 kilometers or two years, but tires with severe pattern wear should be replaced earlier. Today's fast-repair shop has a pattern of wear and tear, the owner can buy one, at any time to detect their pattern of tire wear. In addition, the increase in tread cracks is also a sign of severe aging, usually can be sprayed with some tire protection wax, and there is not to press the corrosive liquid when driving.


Most of today's family cars use tubeless radial tires. The front wheels sometimes look awkward but the visual inspection is inaccurate for the front-wheel drive because the important components such as the engine and the transmission are pressed on the front. , must use a dedicated tire pressure meter measurement. In general, the pressure of the front wheel is between 2.0 Pa and 2.2 Pa. (Because the use and design of each car are different, so it is best to refer to the manufacturer's values ​​calibrated in the instruction manual.) Summer can be appropriately lower.


Some car owners often hear their cars make a "squeaking" noise when they are driving, but there is no problem with the car. At this time, you have to check if there are pebbles stuck in the tread pattern. In fact, as long as you usually pump out the keys to dig out the small stones in the tread, it will not only make the brakes more stable, but also avoid tire noise.

Spare tire

To spare tires to play a real emergency, we must pay attention to its maintenance. First of all, we must always check the spare tire pressure; Second, the spare tire should pay attention to anti-oil erosion, spare tires are rubber products, most afraid of all kinds of oil erosion. As soon as tires are oiled, bulk corrosion will soon occur, which will greatly reduce the service life of the spare tire. In the end, the life span of the spare tire is about 4 years. Many owners mistakenly believe that the spare tire has not been used until it is new. In fact, even if the spare tire has not been used before, it must be replaced after 4 years. Otherwise, the spare tire becomes a waste tire. .

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