Warthog All Terrain Armored Personnel Carrier

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Warthog All Terrain Armored Personnel Carrier

In mid-2010, the British Army will begin to receive the "Warthog" all-terrain armored personnel carrier, equipped with troops stationed in Afghanistan. The "Hedgehog" was developed on the basis of the Mustang all-terrain vehicle developed in Singapore. It has a total length of nearly 9 meters, a height of about 3 meters, a total weight of more than 15 tons, and a unique double-body articulated design. The front cabin can hold 3 to 6 people, and the rear crew cabin can carry 8 to 10 people. It can both land in water and perform tasks in complex environments such as deserts, snow fields and woodlands.
The British Army's "Warthog" all-terrain armored personnel carrier is equipped with advanced electronic and communications systems, and has enhanced its lightning protection capabilities. It can provide infantry fire support, medical evacuation, and equipment transportation services.

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