Water Bath Prevents Rusty Causes

The water bath in the laboratory often appears rusty for a period of time. This has a great relationship with its surrounding environment. The chemical composition of the metal material itself is easily corroded and rusting occurs when the oxidation occurs. Corrosion may also occur when the concentration is poor or the battery is corroded. The temperature and humidity of the environment are also the main factors that affect the corrosion of the instrument. We must wear gloves or special tools to handle the equipment. Parts, because our hands are also sweaty, but also a certain degree of corrosion of the instrument, so do not casually contact with the product.

So how can we prevent this from happening? I have provided some anti-rust oil methods for everyone.

1, soaking method: As the name suggests is to put the items in anti-rust oil soaked, so that the surface is attached to a layer of rust-proof grease, this method is only for some small items.

2, brushing method: Some outdoor construction equipment and some special shape products are not suitable for the use of soaking method, then we must consider brushing method, but we brushing, we must avoid the accumulation of the situation , and pay attention to prevent leakage.

3, spray method: some large-scale equipment is not suitable for the soaking method, so you can choose the spray method, generally we will use about 0.7Mpa filter compressed air spray in the air clean place, using this method must have Perfect fire prevention measures and effective labor protection measures

Laser Safety

CNI as a world`s leading designer and manufacturer of Laser system, fully understood your actual demands of Laser Measurement and analytical capability, designed several laser safety protection instruments which are specially tailored to you. Based on the understanding of practical applications, advanced technology and precise selection of devices, CNI dedicated to helping you find the best choice which can not only meet your measurement requirements, but also offer the most competitive price. The modular options we offered made it easier for you to extend the configuration when your demands increased or changed in the future, which improved the cost performance.

In addition, we also provide data testing and customized services of laser safety protection system, which are based on customer`s needs.

laser goggles

Laser safety is the key important thing during laser operation. CNI can offer proper laser goggles that protect from laser damage. There are different kinds of laser goggles for different wavelength.

Laser goggles with beautiful shape, comfortable fit, high definition, extrusion deformation prevention material, are able to protect human eyes from the laser radiation damage from 200-11000nm.

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