What are the cable fault types that cable fault tester manufacturers can measure?

The composition of cable fault tester manufacturers:
The cable fault tester manufacturer consists of three main parts: cable fault tester host, cable fault locator, and cable path meter. The cable fault tester main unit is used to measure the fault nature of the cable fault, the total length of the cable under test and the approximate location of the fault point of the cable from the test end. The cable fault spotter is used to determine the exact location of the cable's fault point based on the approximate location of the cable fault tester's host to determine the cable's point of failure. For buried cables with unknown directions, cable pathmeters are used to determine the direction of underground cables. If you know the specific direction of the underground cable, you can not use the cable path meter. The cable fault tester host can be directly connected to the laptop for easy management and operation. The use of a complete set of cable fault test instruments can quickly and accurately find the fault points of various cables. It is applicable to many factories, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical systems, power plants, airports, railways, and power supply departments. The cable fault tester is widely used in low-resistance, short-circuit, open-circuit and various high-impedance fault detection of aluminum cores, copper core power cables, high-frequency coaxial cables and local telephone cables of various cross-sections below 35KV to ensure safety. The necessary equipment and power supply for cable production and maintenance workers.
(A), cable fault tester
Measurable cable fault types:
Aluminum core or copper core power cables, coaxial cables, and other types of cables of various cross-sections: flashover cable faults or faults with extremely high resistance; closed cable faults or generally high-impedance faults; low resistance of cables Fault, short circuit, or open circuit fault; cable length and propagation speed of the electric wave in the cable. Specifications and parameters
Voltage level of measurable cable: 35KV or less; maximum test distance: 15Km; working limit error: ±3%; use ambient temperature: -10~40°C; use ambient humidity: 45~75%; working power: rechargeable battery work Consumption: 30W; Dimensions: 230*140*270(mm3); Weight: 2 kg;
(II) Cable fault locator
The cable fault locator is equipped with first-class integrated circuits and amplifiers. The filtering device on the sound channel of the cable fault location instrument minimizes interference noise while enhancing the sound produced by the arc. The liquid crystal display can show the sound pulse and magnetic pulse at the same time and the distance of the fault point from the probe test point. In this way, the fault point is commonly judged by monitoring the change of the underground sound and the display distance.
(three), cable path instrument
Quality Assurance of Power Cable Line Failure Test The cable path meter is an instrument for verifying the direction and depth of underground cables. When the cable path is unknown, the path and depth of the underground cable are searched.
Acoustic waves and electromagnetic waves generated at the discharge of the fault point can be synchronized and the distance from the probe to the fault point can be displayed. Display distance: 22.6 meters at the maximum, 0.1 meters at the minimum distance; Supply voltage: 9V; Power consumption: 0.2W; 40°C; Dimensions: Locator: 180*80*70; Probe: Ф85*90; Weight: 1.5Kg (including probe);
Specifications and parameters:
Test signal: Sine wave, frequency 15KHz, 1KHz;
Output power: > 30W; output impedance: >8Ω;
Power supply voltage: AC 220V ± 10,50Hz±1;
Use ambient temperature: -10 - 40 °C;
Dimensions: 300*250*90
Weight: 1.5kg

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