· Zhu Hongren: Development of the whole vehicle can not take all the opportunities to make money

The 2015 China Automotive Industry Regional Economic Summit was held in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province from October 29th to 30th. This summit is the first seminar on the regional economic development of the automotive industry in Northwest China. Focusing on the theme of “New Opportunities for the Automotive Industry in the Belt and Road”, the summit will discuss how the automobile industry can achieve new breakthroughs in the industry under the new normal of economic development and explore how the enterprise layout will extend to the central and western regions. “One Belt, One Road” explores and explores new markets. As a co-organizer, Phoenix Motor has carried out a comprehensive and multi-angle report on this summit.
Zhu Hongren, Chief Engineer of the former Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said Zhu Hongren, Chief Engineer of the former Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:
Zhu Hongren: Thank you all! We had a very good meeting this afternoon. Because of the time, it is impossible to comment on the wonderful things that everyone said, but I want to make a summary of this afternoon's meeting with you from both sides.
The first one, this will open three aspects of the results:
1, the theme is clear, the content is substantial. Our meeting identified new opportunities for the “Belt and Road” automotive industry. The more we discussed the development of the automobile industry in Shaanxi, but in fact we should say that the problems we mentioned and the problems involved are not only the cars in Shaanxi. The industry, including the entire automobile industry, also includes the development of our own enterprise in the next step. I feel that it has opened a very good meeting, especially before the meeting, like the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and the Automotive Advisory Committee. Careful preparation, the two experts we invited this time, the professors Huang and Chen, their reports, everyone can see that they have a lot of very important opinions, and how we understand the country, from the bigger At a higher level, a higher level of understanding of the country's strategy is more beneficial.
In addition, Zhang Hongyu of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology told everyone about the preparation of the yearbook. She also brought the news media to cheer us up.
2, active ideas and profound views. This time, the opinions involved are very broad. From the manufacturing industry itself, some opinions from the automobile development itself have formed a good viewpoint. At the same time, we have also jumped to other fields to talk about other development ideas, especially A summary of the good experience of the development of the automobile industry before, also mentioned some aspects that should be grasped in the next step of development.
In the third aspect, the opinions are pertinent and the recommendations are pragmatic. If you want to say something, in fact, everyone is very polite, everyone has some comments, but in fact, everyone is very polite and mentions a lot of places we can learn from. This opinion is not only a good idea for the development of the automobile industry in Shaanxi, but also for the economic development of our economic development zone. It also provides an opportunity for the enterprises we are present, and also provides a good reference for our next development. Can help us develop ideas further. The two parts we talked about earlier are the director, Zhang Zhangchang, Huang Zong, Professor Chen, and there are ten CEOs and experts of the automobile industry and the speeches of the older generations. This will be very quality, and for everyone. It must be very rewarding.
In the second aspect, everyone will be able to refine some ideas and leave something for Shaanxi. How to form our own advantages in the process of Shaanxi's automobile development. As far as our development goals are concerned, I don't know that everyone pays attention to it. Directors and Director Liu have talked about our development goals and some specifics for the automotive industry. way of doing. The director’s five aspects of the goal, the output value of 240 billion, the 1.2 million cars, 60% matching rate. In addition, in addition to these three figures, he also talked about as a base for the development and application of new energy vehicles. In addition, Mr. Zhang also talked about becoming a pole of car growth. Can you achieve this goal? Do you want to achieve this goal? We have three aspects to grasp.
1, we must further comb our advantages again. We talk about this advantage. The past advantage may be the advantage of the present, but in many cases it is not the advantage of future development. What are the advantages of Shaanxi? The general manager of Ouyang speaks of the advantages and interests of the five aspects. In fact, we have to stand taller in this respect, considering this issue from the national level, from the perspective of the world, and then from a long time. This question, I think we have to say that China Manufacturing 2025 is the guide to effectively improve our technical level. At this point, Zhang Zong just mentioned that now, for the automobile industry, it is a development opportunity for the heavy truck. For the commercial vehicle, it is the bottom stage of development. It is this bottom stage, which is also the opportunity period for our development. By grasping this opportunity period, we can further improve the technical level. Who can further improve the level? You can take the lead in the future and grasp the market.
2, to be market-oriented, and vigorously cultivate product advantages, product advantages for us, Shaanxi development of the automotive industry, our foundation is very good. As far as our layout is concerned, we are now forming some advantages in the whole vehicle, in auto parts, and in new energy vehicles. However, we must be absorbed by the market. We must concentrate on building our brand and cultivating our brand. And finally form our superior products.
3. We must focus on sustainability and explore model innovation. When we talked about it, Mr. Liu also said that it is now in the stage of decline. If the benefits and output of Shaanxi Automobile have not fallen so much, our work in the field of automobile services has greatly supported us.
In addition, I don't know if everyone pays attention to it. When he talked about it in the left, he said that "One Belt, One Road" is not only a product output, but also an opportunity to sell equipment directly and sell cars. Is it possible for us to For major engineering support, we went out. For example, the cars used in major projects are provided by us. We don't sell them to you. We sell the services. We sell cars and sell the goods. Finally, we use the means of leasing to recycle them through other means to form such a kind. The new business model, in fact, is now a model that everyone can recognize and actively explore in the era of Internet+. In addition, in the aspect of collaborative innovation, we can be the host. We should not take the market and the opportunity to make money. In the era of Internet +, we have the leader, the aircraft carrier, and the entire fleet that will accompany us along. , like these aspects are important aspects that can reshape and nurture advantage.
Because everyone's opinions are very good and the summary may be lost, I will talk about these opinions.
Finally, I would like to thank all the guests who spoke at this meeting. There are four guests in front and ten representatives from the back. Everyone has made a good speech. Thanks to the comrades present here for their participation. Our meeting will make our meeting a success.
In addition, I would like to thank the two presenters of the conference. One is the former Director Gao Hesheng, and the other is the director of Anqing Hengan. They have guaranteed the success of our conference. Thank you!
Finally, let me say that Shaanxi's auto industry is promising. China's auto industry has become more powerful and promising. The comrades present here are working together to make our Chinese dream come true. Thank you!
The consultation forum for the development of the automobile industry in Shaanxi Province is over, thank you!

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